It takes a stupid person to make a stupid rule,

And a fool to mind it.

Do not be a stupid.

Do not be a fool.

That is how to monkey wrench the COVID Jab Machine.

And any other Insanity Mechanism.

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To Michael Freed.

Regarding your post:

You are exactly right.

People will do little and nothing to protect their own children from those useless and dangerous jabs.

Because they are afraid.

Of some two bit politicians (and corporations) with delusions of grandeur.

I quit feeling sorry for them when they began to take their kids with them to the abbatoir.

Sheep to slaughter.

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If a pregnant woman gets vaxxed the unborn baby gets vaxxed at the same time .If the poison is in the mothers blood it's in the babies blood as well ,before being born .So it;s not from six month and up ,it's from day of conception if the mother gets injected .

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Shit always rolls downhill.

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That's the way it rolls in nature ,but the evil forces keep rolling it up to me ,even though I'm on top of the mountain .

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Shit stinks, too.

Fumes float.

Too bad for you. ;)

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Dec 22, 2022·edited Dec 26, 2022

Those who kick others on Their way up the ladder, are in turn kicked twice as hard on the way back down.

Anger coefficient.

Meat hooks await the wrongdoers.

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With covid waning, and the common cold becoming the winter bug it always was, why would anyone give a child an experimental biological, for a “virus” with a one in two million IFR? Over a million adverse events reported and thousands of death, VAERS CDC.

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"WE" aren't vaccinating babies: you & all the other cowards would rather risk Every Baby in order to avoid taking on any adult responsibility.

The entire point of constitutional law is to prevent any small group of people ESPECIALLY elected leaders from having the power to mandate anything, ever. Those laws are still in place, 100% accessible to the public.

The mainstream news even reminded us all for two straight years that no one, not even the U.S. president is exempt from or above these laws. So what keeps you from using this social media forum to mount a legal, non-violent movement to amass public support too large for anyone to stop? Don't bring ME into this "Why are 'WE' vaccinating babies" crap!

I do not worship or fear a single scumbag corrupt politician. I have tried several times to enlist the help of you & thousands of others in an effort to do the above.

& every time YOU ALL back away from it. One can MILLIONS of you cowards to bomb babies overseas for any variety of excuses.

But not one of you will ACT to save One Child's Life if it means having to have a backbone.

Not even your own.

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Well, if you are an American, Berenson called Trump and Biden Cowards for ducking their call up papers to the Vietnam war, neither went, Trump once and Biden 5 times - so now you know the caliber of your President, whichever one you choose and what does a Coward (Berenson) do best - he looks after himself, first and foremost every time and fuck you.

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I say bravo to any '''coward '' who was smart enough avoiding going to the slaughter fields ,to murder .innocents .Did the ones who went and murdered feel like heroes when they went home and had their fill of killing . No regrets ???

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Harsh, Michael ... but occasionally needed.


We're in this for the long-haul ... my guess, the forever-war of mankind against it's own worst nature. Recent reading triangulating this ... A. Lobaczewski, ''Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathology, and the Origins of the Totalitarian State''.

More than 'do not comply' ... keep up the good fight.

Cheers from Japan

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Actually I have been acting. I have made 11 presentations to an important board here, I have written and had published 11 articles for a national paper here,, I spoke at a rally, I visit our politicians, I hassle others, I write weekly to education chiefs and our CMO. I told this to Michael the last time. This Substack also goes to decision makers here. I inform a wide group of citizens.......

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& this board has the authority to overturn something that national governments mandate? Do the people you hassle have that power? Do the papers you write get mandates that could harm or even kill children halted?

If you asked your teen-aged son if he cleaned up his room & he answered with "I wrote papers, pleaded with others, spoke at a rally" you'd know they were trying to avoid both the action AND the responsibility of needing TO act upon it, by trying to claim that they already had, but now it's all out of their hands. They are using distancing language. You asked if they had DONE something & they replied with who else they tried to get to do it.

We Already Know That none of the people you spoke to can or will stand up to the Authority Figures who mandated this without mass public support, & you are presenting things to them that begs them to do exactly that, without offering them any of that support. YOU are doing nothing without such support. ALL of what you Just Said is talk about your very efforts TO rally such support.

& it's not working. So, is this about sticking to your methods or about saving children's lives? Because on the one hand, you know this isn't working, yet on the other, you're claiming that it will without being able to tell anyone, even yourself how. How will writing papers, pleading with others who are also terrified to act or begging others to do what you won't going to cause the harmful mandates to end? Can you answer that simple question, the one that asks HOW what you're 'doing' will result in saving children's lives?

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Is it legal in Japan or anywhere else to (listen carefully now) MANDATE people take untested products? Is it NOT the job of people in your government to protect you from such things for obvious reasons? IS IT a higher priority for people to Blindly Obey Commands even when they know those even MIGHT harm their own children? ARE politicians exempt from laws designed TO protect children? ARE they Higher Beings the people have decided should be allowed to make decisions that can harm children?

There is nothing harsh in what I say. If you're here you recognize that this all represents at the very least a POTENTIAL harm to children.

How is convincing people to act to save children's lives in any way harsh? Am I removing the joy of having taken part in this activity from you or anyone here?

If you put complying with authority figures above doing what's right for children, then SAY so. I am so tired of 'adults' pretending that there is any other issue here. If Vladimir Putin had mandated these & not your government, someone would have stopped this the FIRST TIME one child or adult got any side effect. If The Hell's Angels had injected someone with something untested & it had had a bad effect, this would have ended & they would be put in prison for life.

If you cannot live without elevating mere politicians to a level of worship, then do not pretend to question their decisions in any real or meaningful way. If continuing to do that is more important than protecting children, then yeah; I am being harsh.

Intentionally so.

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Hi Michael. I live in Japan. 40 years now. I can assure you, the corporate nation-state of Japan is not any less corrupt than that of the U.S. I have too many personal experiences to go into now ... but many public policies and mandates will never be known to the public. Why?

Many reasons, including the drastic States Secrets Law rammed through the Diet by the first Abe Administration. Japan has no equivalence of FOIA. The government can keep secrets from the public in perpetuity ... legally.

The Japanese national government has a stronger lock on information in other ways. Just look at the 'Reporters Without Borders' web site ... and they are being generous.

The Japanese national government is just more clever at imposing its will more covertly on its own people than blunt counterparts in Australia or Canada. If the corporate nation-state of Japan Inc. is not in the news, there is a combination of two reasons. One is by intention. A hungry wolf does not show its teeth until the last second. Two, is by layers of bureaucracy that are less 'efficient' than what counterparts in Canada, Australia, China, and New Zealand have managed to do.

This is a culture of collective and blind compliance to authority that is burned deep into the psyche from early childhoold here. I have been an unwilling pawn in a very efficient boot-camp calling itself 'education' for over half my life — formerly tenured at a Japanese college, one of only 2 native speakers in the country at a time working as a cultural advisor/textbook editor for the Ministry of Education, active in several Japanese community and international NPOs — though I'm just now 'retiring' to ramp up my own substack. If I dare much more than that ... I'd be booted out of the country.


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Gotcha. I GET that. I'm trying to get people to discuss "what can we do WITHIN or despite these conditions?" I do logic puzzles for fun & do not respect people who happen to work IN important positions with being automatically benevolent. Anyone can do anything wrong any time without oversight.

The reason I get "harsh" is that even before I was old enough to have ever heard the word "oversight" I understood its necessity. We all grew up hearing fairy tales about villains in positions of authority. About 15% of all Star Trek episodes were this in one form or another. & in real life, facing the prospect of children being killed for profit everyone is stumped by "they aren't throwing THEMSELVES into prison?"

NO ONE throws themselves into prison!

& here I am having to talk people into merely discussing what we can do to save children's lives. I tell you what, I am TIRED of this back & forth. You WANT TO shrug & give up because politicians won't throw themselves into prison? Go ahead.

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Got it, and agreed.

Though I have not come up with a plan yet ... here is a copy-paste of part of on-going dialogue in a private Facebook group as to why my 'post retirement' contract gig at public schools will not be renewed next year ...

Me — I just finished a meeting with the City Board of Education. To prove a point, I asked for the meeting to be conducted in English ... which left them flummoxed and speechless. So I relented, and agreed to a meeting in Japanese only.

With no hint of hypocrisy, nor iota of irony, I was told my contract as an English teaching assistant will not be renewed next year ... because I sometimes use Japanese when students can't understand. 😂

If I did not feel I owe it to the students, I would quit now rather than finish the next 3 months of this dead-man-walking kabuki show.

But I have had my revenge. Was told to check my mailbox (didn't even know I had one) and found this message from one of my 9th grade students (about 15 years old) from last year. It means more to me than a contract with bad actors.

(The letter from a Japanese 9th grade girl in public school ... ''Mr. Steve, When I met you for the first time, you answered my question so politely. That left a strong impression on me. Your opinion always gave me a new awareness. When I was preparing for a debate, you told me about 'Dark Triads' and 'Dunbar's number'. You gave me a deep consideration. Thank you very much for helping our study. I hope to see you again some day.'')

So the immediate quandary ... do I celebrate with a bottle of dom perignon, or Domi? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANPbOxaRIO0

Damn. Just found out that J.D. is only 18, Domi is 20 at tops! Their future's so bright, they'd better wear shades. 😎

xxx — Sounds like they're looking for an excuse to fire you and probably other English teachers. They'll probably plug everyone onto Duolingo. My son's French teacher had a heart attack six months ago. Since then they've had a succession of supply teachers telling them to use Duolingo. The School have just taken out a subscription with them. French GCSE is now taken by a Drama teacher. The French teacher has not been replaced. They just use the Duolingo app noe. Needless to say after 2 years of Lockdowns and 6 month's of supply, my son and the entire year have just failed their mock exams. They have the real ones in 6 months. They're all screwed. The solution is to "do more practice at home on Duolingo".

I'm not a happy father. Again sorry to hear about you losing your job. It's probably not personal, it's not even about education. Just money.

Me — Exactly. Every Jr. High kid in Japan has their own Microsoft Chromebook (at school), and as of last year, housewives working for private education firm Bennese have been observing my classes, and asking for ideas to implement 'computer assisted learning'.

These housewives and full-time English teachers will soon be replaced by full time computer support staff. My best guess is that the cycle of half-assed mass 'education' by machine, designed to 'standardize' and 'select' rather than nurture human potential, will probably take a couple of more years to implement, and a couple more to fail miserably, and revert to real teachers.

But in the meantime, those who were pursuing fast money will have made off like bandits, with the blessings of the government. Hell, like a Western Australia 'news' spoof I posted yesterday ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGv89nuOp3A ... corporate slash/burn enterprise and national government are two arms of the same Mammon machine.

The Japanese government has openly stated that English (of all academic domains) will be the test case for a mostly on-line, digital 'education'.

What those who've gravitated towards money and power fail to realize is that humans are not sustainable as 'herd primates'. We are social primates at best, probably Dunbar's number or less. Families and small, overlapping, empathy-driven communities are far more natural and sustainable than algorithm-driven herds. But as long as 'they' get their money, and get it now, they don't care.''

Cheers Michael


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I agree, these people would like to be rulers where they can dictate life and death over the population. They have been doing it for many years a little at a time hidden in the pretense that were helping the people, and because no one really believed it when the truth has been told to them for many, many years it emboldened evil, greedy people who have no soul, decency, morality in the slightest definition of the words. I have said it before and I'll continue to say if the people don't do something soon the entire population will be true slaves for the amusement of truly demented evil. The human race will be held in stagnation forever. As far as I'm concerned these pricks need to be arrested and sentenced to life in prison at the very least. Where they still have the death sentence hang them publicly to let those who follow know that to steal wealth, cause harm and or death are punishable crimes. Our politicians don't seem to know they work for the people, they were not voted in to be our master or to steal our wealth and use us as Gini pigs. I don't remember giving them permission to do any of the immoral acts they are doing now and for the years past. I don't think you are harsh enough Michael.

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"if the people don't do something soon..." Yeah, okay, great. "People," "Something." That's great. Do you know what distancing language is? It's when something SHOULD BE first person singular, but is phrased instead in the passive third person. It's also when The Something is replaced with "something" as if there isn't an obvious thing.

Politicians are not exempt from laws which means if it's illegal for members of The Hell's Angels to murder or mandate injecting untested products into people, it's also illegal for politicians to commit murder or mandate we inject untested products.

There IS a lawsuit in Florida RIGHT NOW against businesses that illegally coerced employees to get the jab for this exact reason!

But no one but me is willing to hold THOSE WHO ILLEGALLY MANDATED the jabs accountable. Without that, tell me, what "something" can work? If everyone here keeps pretending that actively refusing to hold them accountable = passively having no means to stop them, what CAN "people something" do?

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The something should be obvious, we can no longer trust those in government or the police to do what is demanded to hold those responsible for the harm they caused. These are crimes against humanity deserving of the death sentence. Many more will die soon. My children have taken this poison and I fear for them. I'm a survivor of covid hospital protocols barely and I am not a young man. I don't know how long I have as the damage to my lungs from the ventilator is Sevier. They have shortened my life and even tried to kill me in hospital. Enough people who ( don't even have to be armed ) can storm them and force change. Is there at least one million people aware of the genocide happening? By now there must be. Question is how to gather them or coordinate enough people to confront them in such a way they have no choice but to comply with the wishes of the people they work for. The insanity must be stopped. The truckers convoy had some effect but not nearly enough, they should have surrounded their homes and places of work as well. This Trudeau prick is a coward narsisistic murdering thief high on himself, the Canadian people can not survive much more of Trudeau. In the past it took masses of people to bring change, it will again. Same thing in the USA. I don't want to even imagine what the world will be like without the USA being the most powerful country in the world, without the insane running it now that is.

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I'll jump around a little. Even in childhood, before I knew the word 'oversight' I'd seen enough examples of what happens when people get into power without it. Star Trek was great for this. But I couldn't understand how everyone was the opposite of every hero they watched in fiction on every issue every day.

You likely wouldn't want a psychology lesson, but taking them out the way you suggest 1) isn't gonna happen. 2) Do you know what would happen immediately after if we did?

The First Priority of the public would be to create something new to elevate to the status of worship. THAT'S what we're fighting here.

Our emotions aren't the issue. Even if they were, they're centred around what's being done to ourselves & those we care about. So long-term solutions are p[referable to protect them in the long-term. Be it through violence or not, removing those who do us harm from power will require mass public support. I'm practical.

Since I never elevated complete strangers who happen to work in 'Government' but realized that everyone else I've ever met does, The Problem Is that people seek to have something physical & tangible to look towards as Elevated: something that they wish so much was perfect that they refuse to acknowledge to themselves when they aren't. Basically, the idealism we had for our parents before we became able to entertain doubt (about age 8) gets shifted onto something in adulthood. There's a period in our teens when we seek to find someone other than our parents for this. But in adulthood, the Blind Reverence seeks a place to land onto once again.

Everyone goes through the mental equation of "Government is (supposed to be) for our good, ergo whatever someone IN 'Government' says is for our good, is" so automatically that they don't even realize they've done it.

There ARE LAWS that already exist that make what they're doing illegal. But you & I would need MASS public support for any effort, legal or otherwise to not get blocked by the equally corrupt people running the courts.

Because any direct attack on 'Government' would cause people to shy away from it, the idea has to be indirect. It also needs to appear or to actually have 'Official Support' for people to feel as if it's safe for them to join it. If someone from a movement against corporate power asks people on the street "did YOU VOTE to allow Monsanto to spray toxic Glyphosate onto Mother Earth" the subconscious of people rejects speaking to someone standing against what politicians (politicians = 'Government').

If a REPORTER were to ask people if they voted to allow corporations to spray known toxins onto their food...

Second only to government, the appearance of an authority figure representing MEDIA is the only other figure people will look at as being capable of telling them they're free to think & speak. Media in adulthood takes the place that our peers held in our teens. Subconsciously, adults accept what media tells them as unquestioningly as idiot teens accept 'what is cool' from the other teens.

So long as this remains a vague movement that can stand up to corporate power with their help, people would join such a thing, especially if they feel media told them they could. They won't understand why or even THAT they feel different about "this one" they will simply react to a feeling without understanding it.

My plan is to start something like that, approach people in the street with this 'reporter' idea & have a real camera crew record all the angry yet articulate rants we get against corporate power & influence. Those go into a viral video where once seen, causes others to also forget they ever feared speaking against authority because they'd feel authority was with this movement. At a certain point, that becomes enough to start encompassing more & more areas where corporate malfeasance intrudes.

There's more, but... is anyone listening?

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Well, this is how safe they have been for American adults and all other countries which rubber stamped the synthetic mRNA vaccines, which are patented, so we can expect the same results, probably for babies too: There were no COVID-19 vaccines close to approval on August 27, 2020. In fact, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial phase 2/3 had only started a month earlier on July 27.

The Initial Contract with General Dynamics

The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020. It outlines a series of services the company was to provide to the CDC pursuant to the “anticipated increase” in VAERS reports due to the COVID-19 vaccines.

There is no clause in the contract giving the CDC an option to cancel or suspend the contract in the event that vaccines would not be authorized. Also, the contract stipulates that the contractor would have everything up and running within 60 days of the contract, which means by the end of October. But what if the vaccines were never approved? Or what if they were approved much later, say in February, April or June? Was the CDC just going to hand over [redacted] millions of dollars to the contractor for nothing? Or did the CDC know something about the impending approval of COVID-19 vaccines? It certainly appears that by August, 2020, the impending emergency use authorization of at least one COVID-19 vaccine was a foregone conclusion.

BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin says that his mRNA vaccines rolled out in January this year (2021): Link here: https://www.ibtimes.sg/fact-check-biontech-ceo-ugur-sahin-refuses-take-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-due-safety-concerns-61652 but by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), with a rate of serious adverse events that could be up to 8 times higher, (bearing in mind that VAERS represents only 1% of all injuries and deaths recorded and multiplying the numbers given by 41 (x41) gives a much better appreciation of just how many American’s were being injured or had died, after vaccinations began in early 2021), on a daily basis: see below

CDC Expected Huge Increase in VAERS Reporting

The contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature:

According to the contract, VAERS had been receiving an annual average of 53,000 reports in recent years, so in contracting for up to 1,000 reports per day, the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), with a rate of serious adverse events that could be up to 8 times higher.

The initial total amount specified (with options) under the contract with Eagle Health Analytics was $5,925,388.58 or $7,077,054.90 “with all options” (which presumably includes the extension of the VAERS work through July). This amount also includes the CISA project assistance. However, it does not include the increased hours in the Oct. 29 revision, nor the increase for the V-SAFE pregnancy registry work. However, I have not been able to find the contract in any Federal contracts database. Perhaps one of my readers will have better luck.

How Much Did All of This Cost?

The amounts paid out under the contracts with General Dynamics were redacted. But according to this site, the initial amount paid was $9.45 million, with $4.4 million added in late February, and then an additional $16.3 million tacked on in early March. In March of 2022 there was an additional $5.2 million added, though it’s not clear for what since the contract had presumably expired by then. (Best guess is that General Dynamics continued some or all of its work on COVID VAERS reports with Eagle Health brought in for additional support.) Grand total? $35,425,642 of your taxpayer dollars.

So the next time somebody says that VAERS data is worthless, ask them why the Federal government paid contractors at least $45 million dollars over 2 years to maintain this “nationally critical function.”

The Contracts

23 00099 General Dynamics Information Te...


23 00099 Eagle Health Analytics, Ll


An anonymous source has sent me (Josh Guetzkow) two key contracts obtained via FOIA between the CDC and two contractors hired to assist with COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring, including reports to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). “Assist” is not quite the right word, since the contracts essentially outsource VAERS maintenance and reporting for COVID-19 vaccines to these companies. Both contracts are embedded above, of this post.

The above information posted by Josh Guetzkow – which I happened to come across.

Question: There were no COVID-19 vaccines close to approval on August 27, 2020. In fact, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial phase 2/3 had only started a month earlier on July 27, but It certainly appears that by August, 2020, the impending emergency use authorization of at least one COVID-19 vaccine was a foregone conclusion - from January 2021


So the CDC knew that Covid-19 vaccines would cause approximately 1,000 injuries or deaths per day (x41), once they were released for public use – yet the mRNA vaccines went ahead anyway, care of Trump first and Biden later and no mention has been made of the 99% Graphene Oxide and nanotechnology in the Lipid packages, which were injected in their billions in each mRNA vaccine shot – so what do you think of the above – when you “volunteered” to be mRNA vaccinated, but now?

My take on this: But according to this site, the initial amount paid was $9.45 million, (with $4.4 million added in late February, and then an additional $16.3 million tacked on in early March. In March of 2022 there was an additional $5.2 million was added) is that as the numbers went up of records to be processed, so did the amount being paid for that recording to be done - what do you think?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Friday updated its numbers showing a staggering 1,481,226 reports of adverse events (x41) following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 9, 2022. ...

All countries around the world have experienced similar trends to what America was recording, so it was hardly surprising that the deaths and injuries due to the synthetic mRNA vaccines would continue to go up, irrespective of which country they were being injected - the facts don't lie, how can they, only the people who said they were safe lied and now their lies have been caught out, agreed?

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This short Twitter video sums up the "plan." Some people, we call psychopaths, are controlling and exploitative. Their main goal may be to reduce the population of "inferior" "useless eaters" on "their planet" and enslave the survivors, but they want to make money doing it.

It is a good thing humans are hard to kill off. 🙂


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One is made to wonder at how people who think themselves to so far above everyone else that they can kill and cripple without bating an eye and sleep that night with no understanding of how demented and insane their way of thinking is. We the people must when in control again, make it so that anyone in government even trying to impose their demented will on an innocent population get immediate imprisonment for life. Just because they can't get everyone to fall in line to their idea of what they think we should be they call us useless eaters, WTF. It is they who are the scourge of the earth and humanity as they strip and rape the planet and it's people for their own gain with no caring as to the damage they do. The creators did not put us here to be slaves to evil murderers, they put us here to develop and ascend to a higher state of being with the understanding of the human potential for growth and mental development. We must end the insanity to be able to grow to our full potential. So far evil people have only held the entire human race in stagnation for the sake of their own wealth and power. This must end now or we will be true slaves to the most demented evil there ever was. No woman or child will ever be safe again and all who don't comply will be killed.

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sadly though they did it with the active support of many of "the people"-so even if democracy worked, they were actually carrying out the will of the people who did ,i fact, want us locked up etc. You are right in thinking that a way has to be found to prevent this going further---it is hard to disconnect the tentacles of the money men.

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What a pile of shit this CEO Ugurn Sahin is, You can see he does not believe what he is saying. I'm sure not one of the people who developed this poison no matter what it is or who made it has actually taken it. To even hear them talk is so sickening.

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Agreed AND he made the Pfizer synthetic mRNA vaccine on his home computer (probably linked to his main frame work computers) in an afternoon and no Covid virus or Covid illness was present - so how were his vaccines ever going to work, unless there was an ulterior motive behind them, think nanotechnology injected in the synthetic mRNA vaccines as well, bearing in mind that The Lancet has published that his Pfizer synthetic mRNA vaccine is 0.84% effective in stopping Covid from infecting you and Covid 99.16% effective in infecting you, as has proved to be the case.

My take on the nanotechnology at a cellular level (they can only be seen constructing circuits at a cellular level) when viewed by an electron microscope is that the nanotransmitter which links directly to the brain, will probably take over humans, so that "you" are erased forever and a computer controls your body after that and all it has to do is make sure the body is happy and it will do whatever it is ordered to do and of course, you will own nothing, because as a bio/robot you don't need anything do you - the world belongs to those few who have always been in charge of us, the majority, who they kill off at every opportunity, to keep our numbers down - as with these synthetic mRNA vaccines, which, regarding the nanotechnology, is beyond our scientific know how or advancement yet - we are not that scientifically advanced yet - so who or what controls the bio/robots that survive and what for?

My take on the murder and injury of millions around the world is that the injured should have died but did not, this time around, next time will see to them and this is a weeding out process to remove those who are not genetically suitable for conversion or are too old - over 50 - for conversion, so reducing world populations down to a comfortable 50,000 or 500,000 world wide from 8 billion recently recorded, but not in the West, mainly, but Muslim and Hindu countries, it seems to me.

Apparently, in the West, not enough babies are being born to replace those who have died or been injured, so genocide is progressing according to plan and synthetic mRNA vaccinating babies, 6 months old and up, is another way of having young kids to order for whatever purpose they have in mind for them - think sex and Biden's liking for young girls, for example.

Laws won't apply any more, because the Laws were always in place to control us the rabble - they don't apply to the super rich, like bill Gates, Musk, Besos and others, who inevitably will own all of the land we once owned and lived on/in and the strong inherit the Earth and the weak lose it, which this whole thing seems to be about.

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So much for our Democratic way - Biden will be the next Dictator of America and what he says is all we need to know is the truth and everything anti what he says is disinformation, like this site for example, which new laws and legislation will probably shut down sooner or later- so make your mind up now if you are going to take those synthetic mRNA vaccines and if you are not, stay with that decision, no matter what - but if you are forced to have a jab, do my free 12 volt DC car engine shock, touch 2 spark plug leads in a cold engine and have someone turn the engine over once - the jolt should kill the nanotechnology in the shots, in one second, before they make it down into your DNA and past the blood brain barrier, so while you are protected from becoming another robot, you still have freedom of choice to do whatever else you need to do, to survive on your own terms and merit and fight back, if need be.

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They are truly taking to heart the phrase in the bible, the weak will inherit the earth. That is to much for their minds to accept while they are in control. They know they will be, themselves executed or imprisoned for life according to existing laws if they do not kill us off and gain full control. To think their sexual depravities will be forever forced on our children and grand children is to much to handle.

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Followed on the spot!

Thank you Christine.

Cheers from Japan.


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I cant believe they want to start this experiment on children now

We lost a young and healthy friend after the second jab (myocarditis)

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Been doing it around the world for the past 6 months or so - time to do the American babies too, I expect.

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They are vaccinating babies because it makes money. Loot is the goal, period. #FollowTheMoney

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I can only hope that immediate cash is the only agenda at work here, but I fear something far more devious and sinister. I fear the predators are in this for the long haul, and for bigger stakes.

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And depopulation as well as stopping births.

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Short answer: To kill them.

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“They” are exceedingly stupid and they think we are too!

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Yet more evidence that we are seeing a prepared epidemic response plan being implemented in service of an agenda other than health. The plan(demic) was triggered and will not be altered.

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