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Over Here, I hope that the entire membership of SAGE never manage to sleep for more than ten minutes maximum for the rest of their lives, as indeed Fauci and his accomplices will never rest easy.

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You asked Why?

Because the 'powers that be' know they are losing their grip and want to put vulnerable people back into a state of irrational fear. To turn questions of excess deaths and the overrun NHS not from 'covid' back into a focus they think might distract from dawning reality. The visible symbol of acwuiescence has been a very powerful tool for them. It is one way they can easily see who they are manipulating.

Thanks for your wotk Hugh, appreciated.

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Another great article Hugh, thanks for your tenacity.

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I have said it elsewhere. I will say it again here. The maskholes just... WILL. NOT. STOP. It amazes me, but frankly, I blame myself somewhat, along with others on Team Reality. Early-on, we were decisive with "masks do not help anything." We were a bit reticent to say, "masks cause harm." In a case such as that, where there is perceived risk asymmetry, there will, almost ALWAYS, be the tendency to use the measure. "Can't hurt. Might help." Superstitions persist for that reason. Masking has become such, basically an article of faith.

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Governments have learned virtually nothing from the very many and obvious mistakes they made in 2020 and 2021. Masks are key amongst these mistakes. It's embarrassingly thick for anyone to not realise that masks can't possibly work and especially if you are in charge of any government department be it local or central. It simply demonstrates that you are not fit for the job you are doing.

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Yes, please stop. I'm in jail ministry, and this a thing again for us. The proponents are constantly referring to the medical community, which has maintained the mask mandate religiously for the past years. Big pharma and Big medicine and Big business are all in bed with Big government. Keep speaking the truth.

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You cannot help but love Governor Ron DeSantis and his Surgeon General, Dr.Joe Ladapo. Two men intelligent men, who seek out the truth, implement their findings from their experts and work for the people of the state of Florida. Britain would do well to take a page from Gov DeSantis’ tome. Send his videos to your MPs. They need to see how a competent leader understands the problems, listens to all the experts and follows the law. This is sadly lacking throughout the United Kingdom government whether it be national or local. It is a disgrace.

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The mask of the beast. For the truly brain-dead and subservient ! For your health !


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This time round there will be hundreds of us that won't comply, because we follow science, not 'the science' put forward by the control freaks 'in charge'. They forget we elected them to serve us, they are not in charge of us. Just be blatant and don't mask up. The more the merrier...

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Mask Wearing and Occult Ritual Symbolism

"How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, “Social Separation” and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order"


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Happy New Year Hugh!

They really are going with this freshly baked Bob Moran cartoon/meme, aren't they?


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It takes a stupid person to make a stupid rule,

And a fool to mind it.

Do not be a stupid.

Do not be a fool.

This is how you collapse the COVID Insanity Vortex.

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Thanks for this. If I may, for those who don't do video:



[This is a clip of Stephen Petty's testimony before the New Hampshire State Senate Health and Human Services posted on YT which is taken from from the over 4 hour long hearing that was lived- streamed on March 30, 2022, in which Stephen Petty appears at 2:17:34 . You can find that original source here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZb3ND7Q1B8&t=0s ]


STEPHEN PETTY: My name is Stephen Petty. I'm a certified industrial hygienist, certified safety professional, professional engineer. I've been working 45 years in the field of health and safety. I spent my entire life trying to protect workers and the public from toxins, I've sampled for anthrax, biotoxins, the whole list. I've been in over 400 cases named with respect to exposure control and exposure and PPE [personal protective equipment]. And most recently I testified in the state of Kentucky, and a result of my testimony the mask mandate was overturned statewide.

So let me introduce the topic of industrial hygiene. Industrial hygiene is not well understood by many. We have a lot of physicians talking about industrial hygiene, it's not their field. Industrial hygiene is the science and art devoted to anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control of environmental factors and stressors that can cause you to be sick, make you feel bad, or even kill you. And I've testified 400 times in those sorts of cases.

The problem is that we have a lot of physicians talking about things like that, and they be perfectly talented folks, but it's not their sandbox. When I'm in trials we have a physician that talks about the disease, and I talk about exposure and exposure control and PPE.

The last physician, that talked earlier, I'm here to show you that every statement he made is false.



The problem is, you cannot seal a mask by definition. A mask that seals is a respirator.


In industrial hygiene, we don't look at solutions that do a little bit of good, that might help 1% of the people. We have a requirement that if we're going to provide a solution that helps the public, it better have at least a 90% relative risk reduction.

How would you feel if I walked in and I said to asbestos workers, "Let's put you in a mask, it might save 1% of you from asbestosis, but the other 99% will get it." I think I would lose all my licenses.

And by the way, asbestos fiber on average is 50 times larger than a covid particle and we have very high end respirators, PAPRs, that are used to protect asbestos workers. And I'm certified in protecting asbestos workers.

So, why in the world would you take a 1% solution when you need 90% when we have solutions like ventilation destruction and filtration that do meet that 90% requirement from industrial hygiene?

The other thing you hear about all the time is on page 12, you see the top, let's move on to N-95s. As I just said, we wouldn't even use an N95 for asbestos workers. But here's a study by Shaw et al that shows even for N95 where you glue it onto a board, and that's where most of these mask studies were done, they literally glue the mask onto a mannequin or a board.

Now do you glue your mask on your face? Of course not. So what happens, when it's not, so if it's glued on, they say well it has 43% effectiveness. What if you put a gap on it? Three percent effectiveness. And that's the real world.

So about masks, on page 13. On January 2, 2022 Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, on Face the Nation spilled the beans, he said basically masks don't work.

I've been putting real engineering controls in real schools for two years. You can imagine, as somebody who spent his whole life defending workers in toxic [?] trials and the public, how infuriating it is to see people propose solutions that cannot and do not work.

He admitted it.

We also had CDC file an admit on January 14 of 2022, well, these masks aren't very effective, so let's move to N95s. I said, no, no, no, no, let's move to engineering controls.

If you follow the CDC guidance, I said, what science changes its position 180 degrees in two years? Masks, no masks, masks, no masks. No science does that.

The other thing I want to point out is, on the bottom of page 15, and I wrote a 27 page letter to the CDC in February complaining about this, as well as to Fauci and the White House. Along with eight other industrial hygiene folks.

They say, well, we want to put children in N95s, and then they link you to the manufacturers' websites, including 3M. What does 3M say about N95s and children?


And now also they say, well, as soon as you go to masks, you have got to start following respiratory protection standards which has all sorts of requirements. You can't just hand somebody an N95 and not incur a lot of liability if you don't ensure that they're fit-tested, that they're medically cleared to wear it, that they've been trained on how to wear it, and they've been trained on how to replace it.

So, on the bottom of page 16, we have industrial hygiene, as I said before, what we call the hierarchy of controls. Everybody agrees with this. The most effective hierarchy is engineering controls. The least effective would be personal protective equipment or PPE. And PPE for respiratory protection is respirators because you can seal respirators.

Now why are respirators on the bottom of the barrel for controlling hazards? Because they don't get worn right. You put somebody in, we know this from decades of doing this, you put a respirator on somebody for eight hours a day, they're going to break that seal. Guarantee it, it's not going to get worn right.

Well the interesting thing is, masks don't even fit in the hierarchy. They're below it. They're not even part of it.

Again, engineering controls is the solution.

Now what about damaged children? There's a lots and lots of data on this.


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Here in Scotland, Sturgeon introduced mask wearing on Friday, July 10th 2020.

Two days later, I remember Michael Gove on one of those Sunday interview shows saying that Westminster had no plans to do the same. Another two days later, PM Johnson announced mask wearing would be mandatory in England from July 24th. At the time I was working with Royal Mail, yet masks weren't required in our office until October. The subsequent 'mask to enter a restaurant, no mask when you're seated' nonsense also highlights the stupid but deliberate psychological assault on our minds, and given the numerous studies now in the public domain regarding the uselessness of masks other than in a clinical setting, any suggestion of a return should be met with a resounding no!

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This otherwise thorough review of the evidence ignores the onrushing disaster of widespread pulmonary damage frm MICROPLASTIC INHALATION!

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Thanks for sharing. The Stephen Petty testimony is stellar.

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