I recommend parents take their young persons out of the State Indoctrination Program—or better yet, never permit them to be so imprisoned.

Every parent should be homeschooling or unschooling; there are many, no or low cost resources, to help parents do this.

I have been furthering “Self-Directed Education” for many years, tutoring young persons online to mutual delight.

Currently, among others, I am helping two 12 year olds take university courses successfully.

It can be done.


Begin here:



WHAT IS SELF-DIRECTED EDUCATION? Alliance for Self-Directed Education 3:55




“To trust children we must first learn to trust ourselves; and most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted.” John Holt

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Thank you for the sources. There is a Free school movement in the UK. Toby Young of the Daily Sceptic was Director and founder,I believe.

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This unelected bunch of perverts have no place in our world either - get rid of them

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…a millstone awaits these scumbags.

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I can't believe the "parents" who take their young kids to drag queen shows and think it's great. Are these same people going to allow a full grown pedophile to have sex with their young child, it almost seems so if they're willing to allow the rest of this demonic crap.

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I home school, best days of my life-free of indoctrination.

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These are PEDOS and this is WHY they are OBSESSED with our children being sexualized at the earliest possible age. It also helps with their depopulation agenda to brainwash children to believe they should mutilate their genitals.

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The War On The Child: Battlefront “Sexualized at Birth”

"a child is understood to be a sexual being from the beginning" from WHO ghaslty guidelines. Just consider what’s suggested for under-fours, 6-9s and 9-12s.



sharing as note

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I might have to disagree on this one. I would agree that children are sexual beings practically from birth. I'm pretty sure I was. My little brother, too. So that's my direct experience. I've also found that childhood sexuality has been an accepted thing in various cultures and societies whose morality was as good or better than ours. I once read a thing in an ethnography about how mothers might sometimes masturbate infants to soothe and quiet them. Certainly children living close to nature also must have learned about sex by observing animals mating.

But, that said, there is a huge difference between the recognition and acceptance of a child's natural sexuality and the political, religious, and/or commercial exploitation of children's sexuality. Exploitation and repression are two sides of the same guilt and shame-based anti-sex coin. Nobody seems to care about the individual child's health and happiness. It's all about using children as a stalking horse to push one political agenda or another, weaponizing kids in order to shove one kind of mindless dogma or another down everybody's throat.

Leave the kids alone.

Be open.

Be honest.

Be loving.

And they'll be fine.

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My mom was a teacher, described her job as a babysitter (2nd grade).

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